Case Study – Insight – Data Quality

The Client

A Leading Jewelry Retailer. In store and e-commerce.

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Key Focus Areas

Data Profiling, Data Analysis, Data Quality Control, Data Migration.

The Challenge

The client was about to implement a new POS system covering their Hong Kong operations and needed to identify any potential gaps and also uplift the data quality to prepare for data migration. The client approached RXP to conduct the data quality uplift project by combining tools and data sets to enhance the quality and value of their customer and demographic data. This data was also combined with existing data that had been collected through various marketing campaigns and loyalty programmes.

Our Approach

RXP Hong Kong’s internal expertise and project experience led us to choose Experian Pandora (data management platform) as a data quality profiling tool to provide a holistic view and deep analysis of multiple data sources. Our consultants worked closely with the business and defined 28 rules to help the client improve and enrich its overall data quality. Lean Agile methodology was introduced by RXP Hong Kong as a data cleansing approach to ensure the long-term health of the client’s data.

The Outcome & Benefits

The client was very pleased with the result that RXP delivered within the timeframe allocated. The client’s ready-to-be-migrated customer data quality score reached 99.6% after the completion of the project. Highly-accurate migrated data has put the client on the right track in today’s competitive retail market with pre-emptive opportunities in targeted marketing campaigns already showing results.

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