Case Study – Develop – Forms / Automation

The Client

A leading multinational company covering insurance, annuities, and employee benefit programs. References are available on request. Please contact us.

Key Focus

Adobe Forms, Microsoft .NET, process automation, workflows

The Challenge

Like most insurance and financial services companies, the Client generates and distributes large quantities of customer documentation to its customers such as welcome letters, policy schedules, claim acknowledgement letters and change of maturity notices. Employees in the Policy Administration Department, Claim Department and Underwriting Department previously had to prepare the non-standardized letter layouts in Word format format for the different products. This document would then be imported to the Client’s core system, which would facilitate the letter generation and printing functions.

Before the employees printed the documentation on desktop printers, they were required to re‐order the printing sequence for each policy owner. This process was time‐consuming and prone to human errors, which was a risk to the business if the wrong information went out to their customers. Quality checks were implemented, however the process of proofreading was time consuming and was dependent on certain individuals being available. Moreover, this legacy process required change requests to an external vendor each and every time a new product/plan was created by the Client, resulting in unplanned costs and increased complexity. Once the documentation was finalised, each employee needed to manually archive all of the documents in their respective storage location.

The challenges in summary:

  • Considerable time spent on manual process for customer document generation
  • High risk of data quality and inconsistency occurring on customer documentation
  • Increased dependence on support from an external vendor
  • Unproductive process for document archiving

Our Approach

RXP provided a robust document management and printing solution to re‐engineer the pre‐existing labour intensive processes for document creation. This outcome was achieved by automating the data processing steps, with data validation and the generation of all output documents in professional PDF format and dispatching the documents to an automatic print management function. RXP used Adobe products in conjunction with Microsoft .NET to build the solution for the Client. The Adobe products were used to create the series of intuitive templates for creating the

personalized documents and also to generate the output documents in professional PDF format. Web‐based user interfaces were built in Microsoft .NET to provide flexibility and easy maintenance for monitoring, managing and configuring the printing process.

By integrating the RXP printing solution with the existing the Client enterprise content management system (ECM), all PDF document files are now automatically archived and stored in the central repository.

The outcome & benefits

With the document management and printing solution provided by RXP, the Client has been able to:

  • Improve productivity with faster turnaround on issuing customers relevant documentation
  • Improve the quality of customer documentation and speed of delivery by minimizing manual data errors and maintaining document standards
  • Easily maintain and modify the letter templates with no dependency on external vendors resulting in lower operational costs
  • Comprehensive and effective document archiving process
  • Process automation to streamlining multiple document generation and complex printing processes
  • Improved the quality of customer documentation

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