Case Study – Develop – B2B Portal

The Client

Luxury fashion, beauty and lifestyle department store.

Key Focus

Content Management System with privilege management, E-mail Notification using customizable templates, Report generation, Integration with core systems.

The Challenge

The Client’s existing system was crucial to the company’s suppliers to download and accept legal documentation uploaded and by the legal department. The project was initiated due to the updates in the document model and to improve the user interface to make it easier for the suppliers to access the documents. The system also was required to update the out of date software components and integrate with the department’s core systems. The existing processes were slow, time consuming, error-prone and on an outdated technology stack.

Our Approach

After conducting in-depth requirement workshops with the Client, the RXP team was able to understand the company’s various business models, relationships with their suppliers and its associated document types. A document organization structure was proposed which would be user friendly, built on a more modern technology stack, while also being flexible in the long term. A solution based on open source document management system, Alfresco, was the core of the web application and was built using HTML5, predominantly in JavaScript.

RXP delivered a public facing web portal where suppliers can login and Accept/View legal documentation assigned to them by the legal department, based on their business model with the Client. The legal department could then login to the portal to manage the master copy of the documentation and assign/activate/de-activate business models for all supplier accounts. The solution was also integrated with the department’s core system to facilitate automatic registration of supplier and capture supplier related information for report generation. Reduce duplicate efforts by the team by not having to manage 2 systems.

The outcome & benefits

The department’s portal was successfully upgraded and made available for Production environment within the time-frame and budget, despite challenges related to data migration and integration with some technical issues caused by legacy systems.

  • The user interface was updated with a customizable structure to organize Business Models and its Documents.
  • Legal admin users can update documentation for multiple suppliers at once and maintain version history of all legal documents.
  • Integration with the core system reduced the supplier registration time and notifies the suppliers of the account registration via email.
  • Reporting was now available to review the process and status of all suppliers and documents, giving them visibility to review to review if there was any gaps and if they were non-compliant with any suppliers throughout the process.